3/22/2020 Update

Hello, this is Todd English, superintendent of the Booneville School District.  This phone call has several pieces of information. A transcript of the phone call will be available on various social media sites, as well as the school district’s webpage.  Since Governor Reeves has ordered public schools to close through April 17th, we understand the importance of making sure students are able to receive food and instruction during this time of school closure.  Tomorrow we will begin the feeding program for anyone ages 0-18 at Anderson Elementary’s bus rider line between 9-11AM on Monday and Wednesdays. Monday’s bag will have food for two days. Wednesday’s bag will have food for three days. The program is for anyone between the ages of 0-18.  Students must be present and accompanied by an adult. No one will be allowed to get out of the vehicle.

Our teachers are also working on remediation and enrichment education for all of our students.  The educational program should be completely implemented by March 30th. Please check your email, social media and the school website for updates throughout the school closure.  Education will be delivered either online or via paper packets prepared by your son or daughter’s teacher. The paper packets will be available at the food disbursement site no later than March 30th.

Each teacher’s material will be available at different times between now and March 30th.  Although our one to one initiative allows our district to be ahead of the game, converting the educational resources into digital resources in the lower grades will take more time.  Our charge to you is that we will get the process correct. Our district will remain a statewide leader in education and technology during this time.

Our motto in our district is “Together We’re Better”.  During this time we ask that you be patient with us as we navigate in an unknown educational context.  Thank you for being our partners in this exciting journey.

Have a great week.



Together we're better.