BSD Online

Last Updated: 8/25/2021 6:48 PM

Since the 2016-2017 school year, Booneville School District has offered online classes to students from outside our geographic district. Each year our list of course offerings has increased as have the number of districts that we serve. Return here for the latest updates and current information.


Courses offered by Certified BSD staff:

    8th Grade Math

    Foundations of Alg.


    Algebra I

    Algebra II

    Algebra III

    Advanced Technical Math

    US History

    World History 

    Mississippi History 

    World Geography


    Biology I


    AP Calculus

    AP Biology

    AP US History

    AP Literature

    AP Chemistry

    Earth/Space Science

    Spanish I

    Spanish II

    English I

    English IV

    French 1

    Cyber Foundations 2


    Physics 1

    Visual Arts 1

      Summer School Credit Recovery:

7th ELA

7th Math

8th ELA

8th Math    

All HS Courses listed above



How much do courses cost?

$235 for a full credit course.  $120 for a half credit course.

How do I submit course assignments to BHS?

All online courses are operated on the BSD Canvas Network. Students will receive all assignments through Canvas and will return all assignments through Canvas. For print-based courses, students can mail, email, or fax written assignments to BHS.

Where will students take exams?

All tests must be proctored.  Location will determined by local school administration.

How long will courses last?

Courses can be taught as semester or all year classes.

All courses have been created by certified BSD employees.